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It ‘s not just the sound , though you ‘re obsessed with the sound of My laugh. No , it ‘s the whole look , My eyes widening in disbelief , lips parting in a haughty smirk , brows slanted upward in incredulity. God , I ‘m exquisite when I laugh at you. You can ‘t get enough of it. You live for those moments when you humiliate yourself so totally and unexpectedly that I just lose it , giggling without abandon , a hand over My face , pointing and laughing at you sometimes for minutes at a time. You ‘d do anything for that effect , for that rush you get when you amuse Me ; you want Me to film it so you can watch it over and over. You crave My laughter , and we both know the cravings are only going to get worse. I can ‘t wait to see what you sink to next LOL. GIVE ME WHAT WE BOTH DESERVE.Use MY MARK UP CODES!!! Copy and paste the mark up code of choice at CHECKOUT .. What do you fancy? See the wonderful deals below ..
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Models: Madam Samantha

Duration: 6 min 5 s
Resolution: 720 x 1 280
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 530 MiB
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