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I really like my figure, from my big pretty eyes to my pretty feet, and whats inbetween. My breasts I think are still growing because they_re very tender. I thought a week ago that maybe its because I_m pregnant but then I got my period right in the beginning of my shoot and we had to reschedule and I came back a week later after that running scene. I got my nipples pierced recently so they_re tender too. The photographer wanted me to pull and play on them but its sort of painful for now. I also like my firm butt and I work out every day to stay firm all around. I know I have a big ass so it won_t stay firm forever if I got lazy. Still though, I have find a new gym once I get settled in california. I have a couple of tattoos too which I call nature tattoos like the feather and flower, and the serotonin chemical symbol behind my ear. The photographer didn_t like them, I could tell, and he says guys don_t like them much. I beg to differ, because I know the guys I dated all liked them. I don_t plan on getting any more for now. I_m looking back at this shoot and what I enjoyed the most was the electric vibrator which I would really like to find on ebay or something. Its like the insta-cum device because how quickly it makes you end up cumming. I_d say the best orgasms of my life happened then and I ended up cumming 4 times that day. It would be cool to try having sex, like me on top of a guy and then I_m using that electric toy at the same time I also had a lot of fun (and laughs) doing that water play thing. Pretty cool on that photo where you see a large stream of water shoot out of me while I_m upside down
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