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Pretty much everything I did on these two days with ftvgirls was new to me. I_ve never used masturbating tools or dildos before and I_ve definitely never gotten frisky in public. After the first day I got more comfortable with the nudity and by the time I was out running on that trail I was ok with people seeing me in the nude or at least sort of The feeling I was getting with the mega tool that plugs in was very very different from anything I_ve experienced and yes it was very pleasurable but I_m not sure if I could release myself like the photographer wanted. It was just that its such a strange new experience for me. I_ve always used my fingers to get off and something like that tool had strong vibrations that made it feel like the inside of my vagina was pushing itself out if that makes any sense. Well I can_t wait to see my own tour video and the photos that come with it, it was a good experience for me to see what real porn is like.
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